GTF2014: 潮州鐵枝木偶劇專場

Teochew Puppet Show

Teochew Puppet and Opera House is proud to present, as part of the Georgetown Festival, a puppet-opera double feature on the night of 25 August. We will be performing selected excerpts from ‘The Wood Shed’ and ‘The Tale of Princess Baihua’.

‘The Wood Shed’ is a physical farce about a clueless street merchant and the ghost of a wronged woman. The chosen excerpt is his first encounter with her at the wood shed he is bunking in. ‘The Tale of Princess Baihua’ (or ‘Princess Baihua Presents Her Sword’) is a tragedy where the daughter of a rebel prince falls in love with a royalist spy. The chosen excerpt is a battle scene in the climax where Baihua slays her faithless paramour.

The excerpts have been specially chosen to highlight the the dexterity and exuberant range of motion of the Teochew iron-rod puppet tradition. Also feautures live backstage accompaniment with traditional Teochew instruments.

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  • 日期

    2014.8.24 (Sun)
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  • 场地

    Teochew Puppet & Opera House
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